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Are Moon Rocks and Caviar Worth the Cost?

Where to buy next day weed uk. Imagine for a moment that using cannabis is similar to dining out on a multi-course meal. The main dish may be a moderately-dosed foodstuff or some lovely flowers; the appetiser or starter salad would be a microdose; and for dessert, picture a layered and indulgent confection of your choice, such as chocolate lava cake or a hot fudge sundae. Where to buy next day weed uk

Where to buy next day weed uk
A cannabis flower at Glass House Farms in Carpinteria, Calif., is almost ready for harvest. This farm uses greenhouses, allowing for five harvests a year.

Then picture a sumptuous nug that has been dipped in cannabis concentrate and then sprinkled with even more concentrate in the form of kief. Buy weed online uk bank transfer

What are Caviar and Moon Rocks?

Moon rocks are frequently perceived as decadent due to their layers and power. As a result of the combination of cannabis, concentrate, and kief, moon rocks frequently contain more than 50% THC. amsterdam weed delivery

There is one key distinction between this cannabis indulgence and caviar, which is frequently confused with it. While caviar may or may not also include kief, moon rocks invariably contain both concentrate and kief.

Moon rocks are quite potent, thus a high price tag is practically inevitable. Early on in the legal market’s existence, some products would go for up to $1,400 an ounce. Depending on where you reside and the quality of the product, moon rocks today cost between $25–35 per gramme, which is a little more than your average top-shelf flower. buy legal weed online with debit card uk Moon rocks are stunning to look at and have layers of incredible power, but is the extra expense really justified?

Where to buy  Moonrock weed – Cost versus efficacy

Although it is virtually impossible to estimate what proportion of moon rock sales are made on the legal market, most cannabis users like experimenting with novel ways to consume the drug.

Moon rocks, however, are not exactly user-friendly. Because of their stickiness, they won’t roll into joints, will clog up your grinder, and will take considerably longer to light, requiring you to inhale a lot of butane in the meanwhile. buy weed online bank transfer

You will need to use scissors to chop the moon rocks into small enough bits to incorporate to a joint or use a lightly-packed glass piece or bong to prepare them for consumption.
To put it another way, moon rocks require a lot of work, making them unsuitable for medical customers and those who have trouble using their hands. buy weed online with credit card uk

There hasn’t yet been developed a highly effective manner to consume moon rocks, even for individuals who are neither.

However, others may decide that the extra preparation work is worthwhile in exchange for the extra-potent high and the robust kief, concentration, and bud flavour. However, there are a few things that buyers of moon rocks need to be aware of. Moon rocks may produce some of the adverse effects connected with high potency cannabis products, such as anxiety, paranoia, dizziness, elevated heart rate, dry mouth, cough, and other respiratory problems because they contain far higher quantities of THC. They are not suitable for first-time users or those with a limited tolerance, and even seasoned users should take it easy with moon rocks. Amsterdam weed for sale

Where to buy next day weed uk- The Summary


Although moon rocks stand out at the dispensary and appear stunning in images (they have been hashtagged more than 500,000 times on Instagram), there is a claim that all that layering is done to hide what is, in the end, subpar cannabis.

Is it real? Probably, it depends on the particular producer. Moon rocks are rather simple to create at home if product quality is a concern. Get a good flower bud, some C02 cannabis oil, and enough kief to give it a decent dusting. Similar to baking a cake, depending on what you have on hand, buying the individual ingredients can frequently be less expensive than the finished product. bud mail order uk

You won’t always order caviar and champagne, however you might on exceptional occasions, just like when dining out at a good restaurant. Moon rocks are similar in that they are something you wouldn’t often eat, but are interesting to try if the cost is within your price range.

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