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White Widow

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THC concentration of 20% in White Widow Haze

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White Widow Haze’s dominant sativa genetics provide a cerebral high that is euphoric and uplifting.

This trait makes the strain a great option to fall back on when pursuing creative projects like song lyrics.

White Widow Haze is very suitable for daytime use and can even be used during work or tasks that require a high to increase concentration and alertness.

When smoking a fat joint or a bowl of White Widow Haze, the user can look forward to pleasant flavors that will tickle the taste buds.

Fruity and sweet notes can be identified.

The buds of this strain are covered in trichomes and boast an impressive THC level of 20%.

That’s enough to get even the most seasoned smoker high, and novice smokers should settle for the occasional joint for now.


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