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Strain Name: Harlequin
Grade: B
Type: 75% Sativa
Taste: earthy

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Buying weed online uk

Effects: Anti-anxiety and anti stress trickles down your body from head to toe. Decent pain management compared to other Indicas for me which was supprising, better then any Sativa I have ever tried for pain. very low ceiling. the come down gives me a headache which I am not fond of. I think this strain lives up to its name as the Valium of Marijuana. the easiest come up followed by nicest wave of calm. buying weed online uk

Potency: Weak as far as thc which tested at 6.7 percent but freakishly strong as far as CBD. most test at .5 or so and this one test at 13.5 percent. This strain left things to be desired and would like to see it in a more experienced growers hands. More


28grams (1Oz), 112grams (4Oz), 224grams (8Oz)(1/2lb), 448grams(16Oz)(1Lb)

13 reviews for Harlequin

  1. Dala B

    Genuinely impressed by the business and the speed, given I ordered on the 21st and goods we’re with me by the 23rd, despite Christmas delays. Simple to use and do business with.

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  2. Karty Jake

    Great thanks!

  3. Mary Valla

    Quick delivery, pleased with product. Ideal will order again. Thanks

  4. Micheal Jr

    Good service
    Good Green

  5. Jara B

    Thanks just what I asked for

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  6. Kayte Y

    Excellent service and products.

  7. Sape Url

    Brilliant !! Would thoroughly recommend, very helpful people as well 😊

  8. Jika Bolo

    Great product at a great price. Prompt delivery.

  9. Mapa Knokol.

    I enjoyed the rolled joint you so kindly included as a gift with my order, however I wasn’t thrilled with the taste of both oils. I’ve had
    tastier oils from others.

  10. Batung Tika

    I ordered some niceeeeee weed from them, they have a lot of products, promotions and sales but also a tone of informations about cannabis related subjects. No matter what kind of users you are, you will find whatchu need, whatever it is, and plus the customer service team always answer quickly and nicely to questions

  11. Bulah B

    Best online by far. Great products and service.

  12. Dikoe J

    quick delivery. didnt have what i wanted so gave me a credit for more than what the product was worth. very happy so far.

  13. Zika Bilo

    Great taste and unbeatable prices in thc Gummies! Look forward to trying more.

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