Cannabis farm found near Bank of England on ‘quiet’ City streets

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Weed online best deal, City of London Police said criminals were taking advantage of deserted streets during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the first cannabis farm to be found in the City of London was set up to take advantage of how quiet the Square Mile has become during lockdown, police have said.Weed online best deal

Some 826 plants were found near the Bank of England in the basement of a commercial building in Throgmorton Street.

So, responding to reports of a strong smell of the Class B drug, City of London Police officers raided the premises on Thursday, dismantling and destroying the farm and making two arrests.

The force said it was the first ever cannabis factory discovered in the City, where the streets and offices are quiet as workers stay at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pictures released by police on Wednesday show a setup complete with lighting and ventilation systems.

Therefore, temporary Detective Inspector Andy Spooner said: “This is the first cannabis factory in the City, no doubt being set up in response to fewer people being out and about during the pandemic who might have noticed any unusual activity.

“However, this demonstrates that City of London Police continues to actively police the Square Mile, bearing down on any crime committed here.”

Cannabis farm found near Bank of England on ‘quiet’ City streets

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