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German cannabis laws: 5 things to know

Weed shop near Hamburg. Although it is prohibited in Germany, there are several exceptions. Who argues it’s high time to legalize marijuana? DW examines what is and isn’t permitted in terms of personal marijuana use. Buy weed online UK bank transfer. Over the past 30 years, Germany’s drug laws have changed, with harsher penalties and, ironically, a more flexible understanding of what constitutes a “drug offender. buy cannabutter online uk” For instance, it is well known that cannabis use in private is often considered to be relaxed. weed in Hamburg Reddit


As many individuals during the lazy summer months can attest, if a police officer stops someone on the street for smoking a joint, it will likely be taken away without further consequences. Cannabis is, however, expressly forbidden by law with very few exceptions. Weed shop near Hamburg .Buy legal weed online with debit card UK

Weed shop near HamburgWhat does it say then?

The position of cannabis in German politics and legislation is summarized in the following five points. 1. Cannabis is prohibited Cannabis is categorized as an Appendix III drug under the Narcotics Act of Germany since it is neither too harmful to market nor too dangerous to prescribe. Buy cali weed online Europe. Contrarily, Appendix I prohibits the distribution of substances like LSD and heroin whereas Appendix II prohibits the prescription of substances like cocain

  Depending on the circumstances, the punishment for drug possession or sales can range from a fine of up to €25,000 ($30,000) to two years in prison for offenders over the age of 21. Cannabis is classified as a relatively less dangerous class of narcotics, but because of its impact on the brain and potential for addiction, the law forbids its distribution, sale, and cultivation.   However, there is less clarity in the law regarding cannabis usage crimes. Cannabis online uk debit card

Weed shop near HamburgCannabis legal loopholes Since the early 1990s, the phrase “a tiny amount” has greatly loosened the ban of cannabis. According to Paragraph 31 of the 1992 revision to the Narcotics Law, a person can avoid punishment if they have “a modest amount” of a narcotic in their possession.

Hamburg dispensaryWeed shop near Hamburg

If the defendant’s guilt “can be viewed as minimal,” if there is no public interest in pursuing criminal prosecution, and if the defendant has only for his or her own use grown, produced, imported, exported, transported, or acquired, or is in any other way in possession of a small amount of the narcotic,” the public prosecutor may decide to drop the case. Federal law, however, does not specify what that meagre sum is.


 Tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychoactive component of cannabis, has a 7.5 g upper limit determined by the Supreme Court (THC). However, the states ultimately have the final say.While the majority only permit up to 6 grams (0.2 ounces) of possession, others, like North-Rhine Westphalia, permit up to 10 grams. Buy weed online with credit card uk

The city-state of Berlin exhibits flexibility for up to 15 grammes. 3. Increasing number of marijuana users Although accurate data on marijuana use is still hard to come by, polls conducted in recent years indicate a general increase in the number of users. Weed shop near HamburgThe Federal Center for Health Education questioned 7,000 Germans between the ages of 12 and 25 on their marijuana use in 2014. buy legal weed online with debit card.  It was shown that over 18% of the 18 to 25-year-olds polled had used marijuana at least once in the previous year, up from 11.6 percent in 2008. About 5% of respondents said they regularly used the substance.


Between 2008 and 2015, consumption among those aged 18 to 25 increased among men from approximately 15% to 24% and among women from 8% to 11%. Approximately 8% of adolescents between the ages of 12 and 17 said they had smoked at least once in the previous year. weed for sale uk

According to the report, more than 2% of people routinely utilized the drug. 4. Medical cannabis is acceptable.In March 2017, medical marijuana became legal. An estimated 1,000 people across the nation had special clearance to take the substance for medical treatment prior to the law’s passing.


 According to the pharmaceutical journal Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung, since last year, more people are receiving prescriptions. In the first four months of the year, drugstores filled over 5,000 orders, with June accounting for about 2,213 prescriptions. buy weed uk

An estimated 10,600 medications made from cannabis or unprocessed cannabis flowers were created by pharmacists. There were also supplied 12,500 finished medical goods containing cannabis or cannabis extract. The publication stated that it was impossible to determine how many people have benefited from the law despite the statistics on prescriptions that were accessible. Import weed from amsterdam to uk

5. Dispensary in germany Who wants to make marijuana legal?

Politicians in support of decriminalisation are once more attacking the prohibition of cannabis due to rising consumption and the need for Germany’s law enforcement to address more urgent security threats. The Left Party and the Green Party joined forces with the neoliberal FDP in February to draw attention to what they deem to be an antiquated and dangerous attitude toward marijuana. buy weed online europe delivery

The trio wants the government to legalize and regulate cannabis for private consumption, citing the widespread usage of the drug, which at least 4 million Germans are estimated to use, according to the FDP. According to them, doing so would shield adult customers from a product that contained additional hazardous substances.



is weed legal in Germany

They contend that purchasing marijuana on the illicit market not only stigmatises common people, discouraging them from seeking assistance if they do but also raises the likelihood that they would purchase more dangerous narcotics.

 The introduction of marijuana stores would reduce this risk and stop children from purchasing marijuana. cali weed express uk

These calls have also been made by the trade union for German criminologists, who label the current legal framework as “neither sensible nor productive.” The CDU of Angela Merkel and its sister party in Bavaria, the CSU, as well as the far-right populist AfD, continue to be adamantly opposed to legalisation. The centre-left Social Democrats, who have indicated an interest in novel concepts, are the only party that is still undecided

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